Ruben Gutzat

My name is Ruben Gutzat and I am a molecular biologist, photographer and outdoor enthusiast currently based in Vienna.
I am fascinated by the intermingling of Science and Art and believe they are both different expressions of the same thinking processes.
The scientist seeks to find truths about the world and the universe it dangles in so tenderly and beautifully. The artist seeks to find truths about the universe that is within us through the discovery of paths and the construction of canals that transport emotional responses. Both are irresistibly driven towards white spots of the ultimate matrix each of us lives in: our brains.

Some of my ongoing photographic projects revolve about Art & Science; Some of my work doesn’t; I strive to create a rich menu of artistic work: easy starters with sparkling aperitivo, spicy antipasti, serious Schnitzel, sweet and heavy desert; on the side mixed salad and bottomless glasses of fruity wine.
Please, if you wish to donate for “Inside In” or for any other reason, feel free to contact me without hesitation.